Other Workshops to choose from

This page lists some of the workshops I’ve taught, and continue to teach. Please feel free to ask about any of them. I will happily come to your studio or organizations to offer these or other ideas you might be interested learning.

My Philosophy of Teaching is:

Educator/Artist Statement:

  • Everything I do as an instructor is designed for each student and artist to develop their own specific strengths and skills resulting in individuality and uniqueness. Derivative work is anathema to art. My style of teaching is to be positive and encouraging while being honest and expecting effort from everyone. I teach how to paint but especially how to think about painting. It’s the thought process that gets recorded on the canvas.
  • How to Draw Hands and Feet
  • Composition
  • Anatomy
  • Figure Drawing
  • Figure Painting
  • Plein Air Painting
  • Still Life
  • Color Theory
  • Understanding Values
  • Fresh Greens Please! (how to mix greens successfully!)
  • Portrait Painting and Drawing
  • Imaginative Drawing and Painting