Peter Granucci – Portraiture, Landscapes & Figurative Art

My desire to create beautiful imagery has been the driving force behind my work since the beginning of my journey as an artist. Creating beauty is my way of acknowledging and honoring the full spectrum of what it means to be human. Whether it’s a landscape, portrait or a Still Life finding the beauty and truth of the forms and it’s innate structures is what continues to call me to the easel. The human form is a primary focus for me because I find it infinitely expressive It is a perfect vehicle to express ideas, emotions in art. What fascinates me most about the human body is it’s unlimited possibility for inflection; the subtlety of a lifted finger, the drama of a twisting spinal column, the expression of a tilted head are profound and powerful in speaking to us. In recent years, the coupling of this need to create beauty and the desire to express ideas about the human condition, has been the vehicle through which I have found my voice.